Top 10 Summer Destinations

Yesterday was the first day of Summer and that always gets us in the mood for travel.
We've compiled a list of some of our favorite Summer time travel destinations, and will help you plan a trip that's exciting and memorable. Whether you want a Summer nights romance getaway or a family vacation in the sun, we've got you covered! Summer is here! Let's get moving...

1. Hawaii

2. Bora Bora

3. The Bahamas

4. Walt Disney World Orlando, FL

5. Virginia Beach, VA

6. Catalina Island, CA

7. London, England

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United in Discounts | Rewards for Heroes Gives Two Military Families A Free Vacation Getaway

Chris Bradley
United In Discounts | Rewards For Heroes is proud to announce the winners of a paid vacation to a US City of their choice to stay at one of the Luxury Resorts listed on our website.  Entries were submitted by the many military veterans that shared their heart breaking and heart warming stories, that made selecting our two winners a challenging but rewarding task.  Each entrant also shared their favorite place to save money with their discount membership card.

As seen on our previous Facebook posts our two winners were:

1st Place - Joshua Malo - US Marine Corps Veteran

2nd Place - Christopher Bradley - Navy Reserves
Joshua Malo

Please take the time to visit and see first hand the moving stories of how these brave men have, in the great service to our country, battled PTSD and other challenges.

We are honored to send them and their spouses or a friend on a paid vacation as a small token for all they have sacrificed in their service to us.

For more information on this and other benefits to men and women of service please visit

United in Discounts | Changing The Way You Travel

Most of us have friends or family that serve or have served in the military. Maybe your uncle or neighbor is a police officer? Perhaps you have a son or daughter whose a fire fighter, or you yourself are an EMT. What does any of that have to do with the way you travel or vacation?

United In Discounts | Rewards For Heroes has a vacation rental program that rents out 5-star vacation properties and destinations to military, police, fire fighter, and educators families. You may have seen us on local or national TV, or the hundreds of conventions which we attend annually, and our internet presence through social media. We have over 5 million men and women of service in the military, police, fire fighters, and teachers who have been members with us since 1998.  They use their membership card for discounts on shopping, dinning, entertainment, services and travel. We receive over a thousand rental requests monthly and we work with hundreds of vacation property owners each month, to secure the best weeks for usage.

We provide our over 6 million members with discounted vacations at a fraction of their actual cost through traditional travel websites or brokers. Add to that our discount card that can be used with such national brands as Macy’s, Sprint, Outback, Enterprise, and many more, and you have a powerful tool for all your needs as you vacation.

For more information please visit us at or today and spread the word to those that would benefit most from our program, as we give to those, who’ve given so much to us.